Sunday, July 4, 2010

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grayson: Nursery Magic

Hayes: Nursery Magic

If you haven't heard the story of Lucy then sit down, it's a good one. Erin Thompson, sweet friend and client, was pregnant and anticipating her ultrasound to find out if we would be designing a boy nursery or a girl nursery. I was in Oxford, Mississippi the day of her ultrasound. I told her I knew I wasn't family, but call me as soon as you know because I want to collect fabric samples from one of my favorite fabric stores, Sew Chic, while in Oxford. After talking to Erin, I excitedly chose my favorite fabrics for LUCY's nursery!!
From that day on we built the nursery around a signature fabric, a lovely pink, lilac, apple green and creamy white floral. We had a ball!
You can only guess what news came next, the day Lucy was born, only Lucy was not a Lucy, Lucy was a Hayes!!
After giving Erin some time to adjust to this twist in her life as a mother, we began to rebuild the room incorporating as many elements of Lucy's room as possible. We were able to keep the wall color. Our seamstress exchanged any 3-inch pink, linen band with a 4-inch chocolate band. Our upholsterer replaced the perfect floral fabric with the fun polka dot fabric. Trent, Erin's husband, painted the lilac buffet a very vibrant turquoise. And any "L" became an "H".
In the end, everything came together as if it were always meant to be and Hayes' room will forever be one of the most exciting rooms I have ever been a part of!